DIY Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Monday, January 25th, 2016 - Interior

DIY Wedding Ceiling Decorations When it comes to wedding, everybody will be busy preparing for the perfect party. There are many preparations should be done by both the couples and families as well. If you mind bothering yourself with such preparations, of course you can rely on wedding organizer. However, you will be more satisfied if you can create your wedding party yourself. If you have prepared the rings, venue and others, don’t ever forget to focus on ceiling decorations. This is very important because your ceiling decoration can lead your guests to your wedding concept.

 If you think you have enough time, you can do your wedding ceiling decorations by yourself. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it has to be beautiful and suits your wedding theme. Drape is one of the most crucial things you need to have to decorate your ceiling. Apply long and elegant drapes on the ceiling. Drapes can vary in hues. You can choose based on your theme of wedding or your favorite color. In order to create a complete and perfect ceiling coverage, you should start applying the drapes in the middle of the ceiling. Make sure you have enough drapery hooks to keep your drapes safe. Attach the other end of your drapes to the edge of the ceilings. Romantic nuance will occur by attaching the drapes this way. How many drapes you need depends on how large your venue is.

When you have finished attaching and applying the drapes, let’s move to the lighting as another step of DIY wedding ceiling decorations. Decorating your ceiling with drapes of course lead you to a tent like venue. That is why ceiling lighting becomes so important, especially when your wedding is held in the evening. White appears as the most common hue for lighting but you can always choose other hues, such as pink, blue or even green lights. A spotlight is also another option to light the bride and the groom. Any shapes of lights are always gorgeous to beautify your venue, like heart shape, star shape and any shape you like.

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