Lighthouse Bathroom Decor, Retouching Your Bathroom

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 - Bathroom

Lighthouse Bathroom Decor, Retouching Your Bathroom. – Being a fan of the seaside doesn’t always require you to live by it. You can bring the seaside to your range of touch instead. Here’s an idea, redecorate your bathroom with the soothing symbol of a lighthouse: the light in the dark, the symbol that completes a seaside view and most of all the favourite symbol of all seaside lovers. A lighthouse bathroom decoris not hard to create. In fact you will be able to master it after you read through. All it takes it time to determine the colour of your lighthouse theme. Once this is done, you can get to work right away.

For a more nautical look you can go for blue, in any tone of your selection. You are also suggested to go for green and a hint of yellow to brighten up the room. Make sure to add in a lot of light to the room from the window and preserve the sensation of a fresh breeze for every entrance. To start, you need to replace non-themed shower curtains with lighthouse bathroom decor shower curtains instead. This is the most significant element that is seen when you enter the bathroom. This will also set the tone of the bathroom colour therefore be sure you are head over heels by the shower curtain you select.


Continuing the plan select matching bathroom accessories to add to your bathroom sink and vanity. Make sure not to add to many items with lighthouse patterns on them as this will create a crowded look, contrast to the sensation you want to feel. The easiest way to ace this, is to stick with the colour theme and you will have a lighthouse bathroom decor theme in no time! For all the items above you can shop for them online or pick them up at the nearest hardware store.

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